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At Summerhill, we look at all our investments in the context of global markets. We ensure that the companies we invest in have the ability to maintain a strong competitive advantage in their markets, proven management teams, and the potential to exceed average total returns for their shareholders. The global approach we take vastly improves the number of investment opportunities available to us. We do not aim  to beat any particular market, or arbitrary benchmark. Instead, we target generating above average absolute returns through sound investment decisions. We avoid speculation and other high risk strategies.


For any investment to make its way into a client portfolio, stringent measures of quality must be met: strong management, competitive advantage, financial strength and flexibility, potential future earnings growth and returns above industry peers and the overall market. Our proprietary investment models assist us in determining the value of these businesses, which helps us  decide when to buy, and more importantly, the right time to sell.

Our Investment Philosophy

Global Context 

Competitive Advantage 

Proven Management Teams 

Ability to Exceed Average Returns 

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