Organic Investments


Organic Investments

Welcome. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the team at Summerhill Capital Management has launched its official blog! Our goal of this blog, titled “Organic Investments”, is to allow a forum in which we can discuss, highlight and provide thought provoking insight on topics that we believe will have a profound impact in shaping the future. In addition, we will also take the time to provide insight on underlying themes within the financial industry. As a long-term investor, it is imperative to be forward looking in identifying themes that have the potential to propel and progress our world forward. It is within this blog that we hope to educate our readers. So we thank you for takin

Artificial Intelligence

“We’re doomed!” It seems appropriate to start this post off with this popular catchphrase from 3-CPO in Star Wars. This is because most of us at the time felt that such a plot was quite farfetched. Fast forward a few decades and the movie premise does not seem quite as sci-fi as it used to. We’re not implying that there are robots inhabiting our streets, or not to our knowledge, but rather that machine intelligence does in fact exist and is actually widely used on a daily basis. Think Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now. These are some examples of artificial intelligence (AI) and it has the potential to be enormously disruptive to life as we know it. There are two major componen

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